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Pest Prevention... 10 Things You Can Do

There are things you can do to help prevent pest infestations in and around your home before it gets to a point where you have to call us. Here's are 10 things you and do to help keep your home pest-free:

  1. Store all your leftovers in air-tight containers and make sure you keep your trash can lids closed tightly.

  2. Conduct routine home inspections to look for cracks or holes where pests and rodents can easily enter.

  3. Keep trees and bushes trimmed to avoid making contact within your house.

  4. Replace standard mercury vapor lights with high-pressure sodium vapor or halogen lights. Bulbs that have pink, yellow, or orange tints will be least attractive to the flying insects.

  5. Standing water can attract pests, especially mosquitos. Fix leaking pipes and faucets and empty containers inside and outside that have standing water.

  6. Keep things clean—countertops, tables, floors. Vacuum your floors routinely to remove pests and their eggs.

  7. Invest in screens for doors and windows to let air in but keep pests out.

  8. Don't store firewood or any scrap wood near your house where beetles and termites can dwell.

  9. Plant herbs like basil, garlic, catnip, and mint around your home. The smell repels most insects, and you can use the herbs for cooking.

  10. Check your pets for fleas to prevent them from getting into your house where they can spread.

How to Control Specific Pests

If your pest infestation has gotten out of control just call: (717) 394-8838