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What is a stink bug?

stink bug

As the evenings start to turn cooler, those darn stink bugs will be coming out of the trees and bushes looking for a warmer place to roost and overwinter.

Originating from China, stink bugs were initially discovered in 1988 in the US in Allentown, PA. They are found mostly in eastern PA but have been regularly spreading throughout the eastern United States.

Stink bugs have an armor-like shaped body that varies in color from light beige to dark brown. A stink bug has a scent gland situated on the bottom of its thorax and its belly. It produces a strong odor as a defense mechanism, therefore the name stink bug. As the weather starts to turn cooler, especially in the evenings, they start to move to overwintering sites, generally into homes and other secured structures. They can flatten themselves as thin as a sheet of paper to gain access, so sealing up your house is a good defense.

How do I keep stink bugs out of my house?

You can start by fixing any damaged screens on windows or doors. Use silicone-latex or silicone caulk to seal cracks around siding, doorframes, and any other openings. Remove window air conditioners, an easy and common entry point for stink bugs. Check your siding and soffits for any loose or missing pieces and seal up any cracks. We can also spray the exterior of your home as a deterrent to keep stink bugs out of your house.

If they do find a way into your house, don't panic. They do not harm humans or create structural damage. They don't multiply while overwintering. If they do come into your house, they will die with 24-48 hours. You can remove them by using your hand or use a shop vac or vacuum cleaner to remove them.